On Hiatus (Again)...
But this time I have more of a reason...

Alright...here is my excuse *holds up shield* I--ran out of--memory on--my computer... *FAILS* HONESTLY! And I've only had it 2 years...it actually wont let me edit much let alone save anything! We have an external hard drive but who knows when we'll ever do that >.> *family of procrastinators* PLUS school has started and despite the fact that I'm homeschooled I DO have work. Along with that we travel alot...just got back from DC and are planning another trip to somewhere else in January. (Has time share/vacation package blah blah will go EVERYWHRE) Also I'm still having..."issues"...personal things family/friends/life ect that is quite distracting--updating is just one more stress... AND ONE MORE EXCUSE (I know knock off the excuses you're just lazy; yes thats one) but I'm opening a blog... *fails again* Labyrinth Corridor (ITS NOT FINISHED) Alot of pages are still down BUT I need your opinion--should I combine Blessed Remedy and Labyrinth Corridor? Or still keep sepertate? You're opinion is welcomed :D ANYWHO...just to throw this in--on September 9th of 09 at 9:09pm I was in hotel room 909 0.o weird...XDDDD *ignore me*

AFFILIATES AND LE...I'm sorry I didn't contact you--I really dont have the time I'm really, really sorry T.T

I WILL come back with a NEW layout this time promise *nod nod*

Broken Linked/Page Error Affies/LE
If you're site is here please notify me! (With proper site link) I have had alot of broken links and cant get a hold of some of my affies/LEs so please let me know) Also note if I dont hear from anyone soon you're link will be deleted
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